FAQ’s For Audios

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Audiobook FAQ’s
Can I listen to samples of your audiobooks?
Yes, If you go to the item description of each audio there are free chapter downloads for each Buzzy Audiobook.

Can I download audio books directly from your site in mp3 format?
At this time we do not offer direct MP3 downloads. We do have MP3-CDs of our audios.

What is the difference between standard CDs and MP3-CDs.
Standard CDs will play on any CD device (in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa). MP3-CDs are physical cds (not a download) the tracks are in MP3 format. The entire audiobook is on one cd. The MP3-CD can only play on devices that are MP3 compatable (your computer, transfer files to your mp3 player, a cd player which supports mp3 technology.

Can I transfer the MP3-CD to my iPod?
Yes, please visit our file transfer page for instructions.

What are the differences between audio books and audio dramas?
Our audio books are novels and are generally narrated by one or two actors. Audio dramas are full cast plays, often with music and sound effects.

Do you produce your own audio books?
Yes we do. Pulling the right elements together is extremely satisfying and watching over every aspect is what makes it a Buzzy Audio.

How do we choose a narrator?
We have a number of qualities in mind when choosing. Proven acting ability. Commitment to work. We look for people who can go the distance as this type of work is more suited to a long distance runner than a sprinter. It is a real plus if the actor has done and is familiar with genre work and terminology. If they can visualize the story they can bring it off the page and into the listeners mind.

How do I submit my novel for consideration as a Buzzy Audiobook?
At this time we are not accepting any submissions.

How do I submit my resume as voice over talent for Buzzy Audiobooks?
At this time we are not accepting any voice over talent submissions.