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Dragon Blood Audiobook by Patricia Briggs

patricia briggs audiobookDragon Blood Audio Book
Book 2 The Hurog Duology, – Unabridged
Written By Patricia Briggs
Read By Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveux in HBOs True Blood)
ISBN-13: 9781480581104

After several years of restoring his lands and his people Wardwick of Hurog wants nothing more than to continue the work and stay far away from the court politics of the Five Kingdoms. Few people understood better than Ward of the evil heart of that court, the power mad King Jakoven. Staying out of Jakoven’s notice was healthy for Ward and beneficial for Hurog.

The arrival in Hurog of a scarcely alive Tisala, a noblewoman he has not seen for five years but who had fought at his back and won his heart, changes his ability to remain above the fray. She brings with her fresh reasons to fight Jakoven. Ward is imprisoned in the same Asylum where King Jakovens younger brother Kellen was shut in to satisfy the Kings paranoid jealousy. Ward needs to break out of the Asylum, free Kellen and revive Kellens broken spirit. Powers must be gathered and marshaled to stop Jakoven before he can unleash an unthinkable weapon of mass destruction. To make matters worse, the fuel to power this magical doomsday device is the blood of the Hurog royal family. Once again Ward is faced with the fallout from the cowardice and greed of those that have come before him. To lead an ordinary life he must accomplish extraordinary feats.

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