About Us

Buzzy Multimedia offers a collection of audiobooks written by top notch speculative fiction authors teamed with actors who weave their own special performance magic into every novel.

Whether your first experience with our line is in the gym, on the front porch, in your car, the subway or alone in the still dark of night, we will enrich your time and whisk you away.

You can choose an urban fantasy filled with mystery, magic and murder. Perhaps later you’ll move on to galaxy spanning civilizations where political intrigues and clashing cultures form a barrier to truly star crossed lovers. Or this might be the day you would like to join a certain na├»ve who is thrust into an adventure worthy of Indiana Jones. How about alternate history? Would you enjoy seeing Shakespeare wrestle with his passions and be in peril in the land of the fairy? What about an Arthurian legend that takes a vampiric turn into modern day Toronto as well as back to Roman Britain?