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3 Reasons to Download Dresden Files Audiobooks

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3 Reasons to Download Dresden Files Audiobooks

If you’re as into sci-fi and The Dresden Files as I am, you should already know that there’s more than one way to enjoy Jim Butcher’s urban fantasy series. Reading and collecting the print books is a great pastime for any fan, but I’ve found that Harry Dresden really comes to life when you listen to him tell his stories in the form of an audiobook. I downloaded the first audiobook from the convenience of my couch and I’ve found it to be easy listening while I do chores around the house. Here are a few other things I’ve found enjoyable about downloading the Dresden Filesaudiobooks.

1. My Download Benefits the Author

As a fan of the Dresden Files series, I would like nothing more than to have the series continue unabated. If buying an audiobook supports Jim Butcher and the continuing adventures of Harry Dresden, I’ll gladly contribute. Of course, I can understand why someone who hasn’t tried audiobooks before might not want to spend money on something they aren’t sure they’ll like. I started my foray into audiobooks by listening to previews, like the first 12 minutes of the first Dresden Files book, Storm Front, on the Buzzy Multimedia website.

2. Easier Than Reading

I’m not saying I’m lazy or anything… Well, I am lazy, but I’m also pretty busy. I don’t always have time to devote to reading. Between working, chores, and driving, I can listen to the smooth voice of James Marsters (Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as Dresden. It’s very motivational. I imagine it would be great at the gym, too.

3. Audiobooks Aren’t As Expensive as I First Thought

At first glance, audiobooks seemed a little exorbitant. After taking into account that I’d be getting over 10 hours of performance entertainment per book, it started to make sense. I was still feeling thrifty, though, so I looked for ways to save on audiobook downloads without resorting to piracy.
  • Subscription services — Most online audiobook providers look for recurring customers, so they offer deals if you sign up as a monthly or yearly member. I went with‘s subscription plan , which costs only $14.95 a month and includes one free audiobook and discounts on many others. I planned to listen to one Dresden Files audiobook a month, saving me about $10 on each book. Plus, once I run out of Dresden Files books to listen to (a day I dread), I can comfort myself by continuing my subscription and listening to other urban fantasy books.
  • Discounts — Being subscribed to a service isn’t the only way to get discounts on audiobooks. Buying straight from Buzzy Multimedia would’ve gotten me a discount on Dresden Files audiobooks. Since there’s no further obligation like with a monthly subscription service, it’s a good option for one-time buyers.
  • Free trials — Let’s just say I’m a broke wizard like Dresden, looking for a sympathetic tale. I managed to afford the first audiobook by choosing’s subscription plan, which includes the first month and one audiobook download absolutely free.
  • New, cheap sites — Since you’re part of the in crowd when it comes to fans of the Dresden Files, I’ll tell you a little secret. There’s a new website called (launching soon) where you can download The Dresden Files audiobooks for cheap. You’re welcome.
If you’re not used to listening to audiobooks, the experience is pretty different from holding onto a treasured paperback. I find audiobooks exciting because hearing the voices of the characters really brings the story to life. Audiobooks are also practical for me to listen to in the midst of my chaotic life. I highly recommend giving a Dresden Files audiobook a chance.

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